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British Virgin Islands
Théatre de Saint_Pierre



Stayed British colony, the B.V.I is administered by an Executive Board today, chaired by a British governor representing the Crown and a legislative council.
The big plantations of monoculture practically disappeared.
The import of hand of African work in XVIIth and XVIIIth century for plantations makes that almost all of the population is of color.
Even if the total surface of the B.V.I is little important (150Km2 approximately), the number of inhabitants is relatively low, 12 000 approximately for all the islands and the islands. it results a general atmosphere apparently more peaceful than on the American islands.
This without bothering the tourist development which continues its expansion: luxury apartment hotels, marinated gained on the sea or snuggled up in a lagoon, a fleet of boats.


That we discover the British Virgin Islands by crossing the various banks by boat or by living in one of the hotel complexes, all the activities and tourist discoveries are turned to the sea.
The B.V.I counts four main islands and numerous islands.
Tortola (the most vast), Virgin-Gorda and Jost Van Dyke have a bumped enough relief, contrary to Anegada, coral tray put on the surface of ocean.
The main part of the natural assets of these islands lives in their banks which cut deep creeks and small neighbouring islands.
Each of them deserves a visit to take advantage of its beaches and his creeks or even his mysteries as Norman Island, where according to the legend, was buried a treasure at the bottom of some caves. …